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Led by Showit Design Partner, Rochelle Serna, our mission is to transform your online presence through meticulously designed website templates and semi-custom sites that not only capture the essence of your brand, but give you the tools to grow it beyond your wildest dreams.

At Beachy Keen Creative, we don’t just build websites; we craft digital experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

We love strategy, but energetics play a big role in an effective website. Our sites are created to highlight you and your magic, authentically. 



Tailored specifically for coaches, healers, and course creators, our sites are built with all of the pages you need to run your biz like a pro.





Radiant and engaging sites that highlight your brand's unique value and attract your dream clients.



Easy-to-edit designs that effortlessly scale and evolve with your business, empowering you to take control of your online presence.



Optimized in every way - user experience, SEO foundations, conversion strategy, copy and responsiveness. We've got you covered! 

As a Hawaii-based company, we infuse aloha into everything we do. Aloha is more than a simple hello - it's a deep love and mutual respect for every living thing. At Beachy Keen Creative, we treat sites as living, breathing extensions of your business, and aloha is built into every single one of them.

In addition to the love, each site is built to be:

Every Site is Built with ALOHA

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Packed with programs, tools, resources and guides, this community is a space to give and get feedback, learn and grow. It's an in house design team in a box.

Wavemakers club

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We put the lime (your brand) in the coconut (our template) and mix it all up! Websites in a week offer you a fully supported, highly custom experience without the high price tag.

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Make waves with your very own DIY website. Our beautiful and strategically built templates come with loads of supportive resources to get you up and running with ease.

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I've spent years living and learning in the digital world, as both an entrepreneur and designer, and I love being able to bring my collection of skills to this work. 

Here are some qualities that set my web work apart from the rest:

  • I'm obsessed with making my clients feel seen, heard, and well represented, resulting in super powerful sites that radiate with their secret sauce

  • I rely heavily on both skill and energetics, mixing the two to create authentic, strategic, stand-out sites

  • My addiction to learning means that your site gets the latest and greatest in an ever changing digital landscape

  • I'm a certified Showit Design Partner, bringing an extra level of trust and know-how to your project.

Aloha, I'm Rochelle

Meet your Designer

If You're Curious How I Got Here...

My journey started with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, a whole bunch of creativity, and a deep desire to figure things out on my own.

Ever since I can remember I've been coming up with business ideas. I always knew the power of an online presence and my first blogs and websites were cobbled together with the help of google and youtube.

As these businesses grew and evolved, I figured it was time to outsource to a professional, and I decided to hire a brand and web designer.

Only the call didn't go as expected.

My vision was so clear and detailed that she suggested I do it myself. She then pointed me towards the tools and programs that would become my greatest teachers.

I dove into all things branding, web design, and sales strategy, and I've learned more than I could have imagined over the last 10 years.

Before I knew it, people started asking me to brand and design a website for their business, and I eventually took the jump into full-time designing.

After years of custom web design I realized that my passion wasn't just about beautiful, functional design - it was also about giving entrepreneurs the tools to show and grow their businesses as they evolve.

That's what Beachy Keen Creative is all about. It's a place for entrepreneurs, especially those in the coaching and healing world, to find their power and shine online. We offer the tools, the templates, and the know-how so you can craft a digital presence that grows with you.

I feel so honored to be even a small part of bringing your incredible work to the world!


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