True Black

Blue Jean Blue

Primary Colors

White Water



Secondary Colors



These are examples of colors that you can use as secondary and supporting colors, but color is really an open-ended element for this brand. I used some of these to show variation in the gradients and how secondary colors can be used.

Mock Ups

I put "KIDS" in an extra bold Poppins here, and gave it a gradient that matched the bottom identifier bar.

Added a "rolling" gradient to give it a unique look - color coming from different angles

I played with the idea of keeping the brand icon "jean blue" for all products, but finding colors that compliment it well for the gradients in the identifier bars. You could also change the icon color, of course!

Supporting Icons

These simple icons are intended for use around your website, social platforms and marketing as visual ways to support the benefits of the products. They do not work well on the labels themselves (I've tried haha) but just give a little visual depth elsewhere